AEPA has numerous vendors recommended for award through a competitive bidding process.

AEPA takes pride in offering quality products and services from well-known vendor partners. View bidding documentation and current solicitations.

Please note that each Member State determines which vendor contracts are signed to best serve eligible clients within their state. All AEPA awarded vendors are listed below, so be sure to check with your local state agency for a list of available contracts.


AEPA Coop Vendor - CDWG
AEPA Coop Vendor - Daktronics
AEPA Coop Vendor - Field Turf
AEPA Coop Vendor - Hellas Construction Inc.
AEPA Coop Vendor - Konica Minolta
AEPA Coop Vendor - Midwest Technology Products
AEPA Coop Vendor - Quill
AEPA Coop Vendor - School Specialty Furniture
AEPA Coop Vendor - Shaw Sports Turf
AEPA Coop Vendor - Sportime
AEPA Coop Vendor - The Motz Group
AEPA Coop Vendor - Weatherproofing Technologies

Act Global

Contact: Chris Vaage
Phone: (512)-733-5300 Website:


Contact: Victoria Stringham
Phone: 480-415-6300 Website:

Best Plumbing

Contract Dept Contact: Amber Carr
Phone: (800) 448-6710 ext. 8155 Website: Website: Best Plumbing Blog

Bio Corporation

Contact: Rebecca Hedstrom
Phone: (800) 222-9094 Website: Website: Bio Corporation Blog
Phone: (800)597-0246 Website:

Blick Art Materials

Contact: Heather Havens
Phone: 800-704-7744 Website:


Contact: Karee Huggins
Phone: 817-584-6118 Website:

Bobcat Company

Contact: Jesse Rheault or Heather Messmer
Phone: (701) 241-8759 or (701) 241-8719 Website:

Busch Systems

Contact: Chris Landry
Phone: 705-722-0806 Ext: 1070 Website:

Capitol Electronics

Contact: Wendy Justice
Phone: (317) 220-2318 Website: Website: AEPA specific webpage


Contact: David White
Phone: (312) 547-2848 Website: 


Contact: Steve Gambill
Phone: (800) 950-9202 Website:
Phone: (800) 986-1775 Website:


Contact: Tom Coughlin
Phone: (605) 697-4494 Website:


Contact: Kevin Kuckkan
Phone: (262) 894-0650 Website:

Dude Solutions

Contact: Melissa Buchanan
Phone: (877) 868-3833 Website:
Phone: 410-902-5800 Ext. 103 Website:
Phone: (855) 642-1109 ext 1 Website: Website:

FieldTurf USA, Inc.

Contact: Eric Fisher 
Phone: (503) 563-6395 Website:
Phone: (512) 250-2910 Website:

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