Chalmers Ford

Contact: Mike Michnuk
Work Phone: 505-554-6447 Website:


Chalmers Ford, founded in 1996, is in Rio Rancho, NM and is staffed by an exceptional 16-time Ford President Award winning staff. Proudly, we are the only domestic auto dealership in the United States to be awarded the Malcolm Baldrige Award for operational quality standards and practices in 2016. The Chalmers Ford Fleet and Government Sales department has been active since 1996 with thousands of vehicles sold to over an estimated 2,000 different customers across the country. The current team is the largest supplier of Ford vehicles to government customers in New Mexico and is currently ranked in the top 20 nationally in Ford government sales volume.




BID 2024
Bid recommended for approval in December 2023. Contract and extensions possible through March 2028.

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