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Barnes & Noble, Inc., one of the nation’s largest booksellers, operates over 600 bookstores in 50 states and maintains an eCommerce site, develops digital reading products, and operates NOOK, one of the largest digital bookstores.

Barnes & Noble’s principal business is the sale of trade books (generally, hardcover, and paperback titles), mass market paperbacks (such as mystery, romance, science fiction and other popular fiction), children’s books, eBooks and other digital content, NOOK® and related accessories, bargain books, magazines, gifts, café products and services, educational toys & games, music, and movies directly to customers through our bookstores or on Barnes & Noble has its own publishing company, Union Square & Co. (formerly Sterling Publishing).

Barnes & Noble has a dedicated team of more than 80 local Business Development Managers across the country, supporting schools, businesses, corporations and nonprofits in their regions. As part of the support provided to our valued institutional and corporate clients, Barnes & Noble provides access to our purchasing portal, &CLASSWORK.

&CLASSWORK is our secure purchasing portal where authorized users will have the opportunity to place orders, approve orders, and view pricing, discounts, and inventory in real-time. Nearly 2 million best-selling K-12 books are accessible 24/7 through a dynamic search tool that allows you to search by title, reading level, or language. In addition to the dynamic search tool, &Classwork offers the ability to create/save/duplicate shopping lists and request quotes. We accept electronically transmitted orders with payment via purchase order, credit card or p-card. And beyond that, Barnes & Noble offers &CLASSWORK via a PunchOut system that allows access to our website from your school/organization’s own procurement application.



BID 2024
Bid recommended for approval in December 2023. Contract and extensions possible through March 2028.

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