AEPA has numerous vendors recommended for award through a competitive bidding process.

AEPA takes pride in offering quality products and services from well-known vendor partners.

Our Vendors
AEPA Coop Vendor - CDWG
AEPA Coop Vendor - Daktronics
AEPA Coop Vendor - Field Turf
AEPA Coop Vendor - Konica Minolta
AEPA Coop Vendor - Midwest Technology Products
AEPA Coop Vendor - School Specialty Furniture
AEPA Coop Vendor - Shaw Sports Turf
AEPA Coop Vendor - Sportime
AEPA Coop Vendor - Weatherproofing Technologies
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Please note that each Member State determines which vendor contracts are signed to best serve eligible clients within their state. All AEPA awarded vendors are listed below, so be sure to check with your local state agency for a list of available contracts.

Total Technology

Contact: Jason Lewandowski
Work Phone: (248) 978-2965 Website:


Total Technology has been working with schools and governmental agencies since 2011.  Total Technology has a national reach, but a local approach, with state-of-the-art facilities to process devices.  As 1-1 initiatives have become more prevalent, so has the need for Device Buyback.  Each year Total Technology processes hundreds of thousands of devices extending the lifecycle of most of these devices.  Our environmentally sound approach extends the life of a device whenever possible and responsibly recycles devices when they are beyond economic repair and truly end-of-life.

K12 Video:

The process is simple.

What we Buyback

  • Mobile Devices: Phones, Tablets, Laptops
  • Desktop Devices:  Computers, All-In-One


BID 2023

Technology Buyback – Bid recommended for approval in December 2022.  Contract and extensions possible through March 2027.


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