AEPA has numerous vendors recommended for award through a competitive bidding process.

AEPA takes pride in offering quality products and services from well-known vendor partners. View bidding documentation and current solicitations.

Please note that each Member State determines which vendor contracts are signed to best serve eligible clients within their state. All AEPA awarded vendors are listed below, so be sure to check with your local state agency for a list of available contracts.


AEPA Coop Vendor - Hellas Construction Inc.
AEPA Coop Vendor - Independent Stationers Inc.
AEPA Coop Vendor - Interior Systems
AEPA Coop Vendor - Konica Minolta
AEPA Coop Vendor - Kyocera
AEPA Coop Vendor - Mackin Educational Resources
AEPA Coop Vendor - Midwest Technology Products
AEPA Coop Vendor - MNJ Technologies
AEPA Coop Vendor - Nilfisk Advance
AEPA Coop Vendor - Prograss Turf
AEPA Coop Vendor - Progressive Roofing
AEPA Coop Vendor - Quill
AEPA Coop Vendor - School Specialty Furniture
AEPA Coop Vendor - Schooldude
AEPA Coop Vendor - Shaw Sports Turf
AEPA Coop Vendor - Sport Surfaces Distributing Inc.
AEPA Coop Vendor - Sportime
AEPA Coop Vendor - TeachingBooks.Net
AEPA Coop Vendor - Techline Sports Lighting
AEPA Coop Vendor - The Motz Group
AEPA Coop Vendor - TLC - The Library Corporation
AEPA Coop Vendor - Troxell Communications
AEPA Coop Vendor - Weatherproofing Technologies

Creative Information Technology, Inc.

Contact: Cristian Rubio
Work Phone: (703) 483-4334 Website:


Creative Information Technology Inc. (CITI) is proud to be selected as a LiveScan Finger and Palm Capture solution provider for members of the AEPA community. CITI is excited to join the AEPA in its pursuit of providing state-of-the-art technology to ensure a safe and secure environment at schools around the nation. CITI brings to the table over 18 years of experience in the biometrics and identity management market as well as a talented staff that works hands-on with clients to ensure their consistent satisfaction with our products and services.

LiveScan hardware and software
For this contract, CITI has become an exclusive reseller of Crossmatch’s LiveScan products. manageID and Crossmatch are committed to providing end to end biometrics-based identity solutions optimal to ensure safety and security of any system or facility.
Crossmatch’s Live Scan devices are:
• Based on industry leading Identity Management technologies
• Flexible and scalable to meet any size operation
• Easily integrated with existing systems
• Simple to use
These LiveScan devices are currently being used all across the United States at the Federal level, by State and Local agencies, commercial clients, and governments around the world (including the US Embassies and Consulates worldwide).

Uses of LiveScan in Schools
• Performing background checks on employees, contractors and volunteers
• Secure and Simple Visitor Access Management
• Easier and safer Sign In/Out procedures
• Monitoring daily attendance
• Efficient and discrete lunch lines”


Bid 2015  – Bid recommended for approval in December 2014. Contract and extensions possible through March 2019

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