Multi-State Volume Purchasing

AEPA serves public agency members through a continuous effort to explore and solve present and future purchasing needs. State members work to secure multi-state volume purchasing contracts with benefits that are measureable, cost-effective and continuously exceed our state member’s expectations.

We are pleased to offer significant savings on everything it takes to run a school or office.

The contract categories listed below offer the best prices on quality products and services based on the needs of 25 million students across the nation

Purchasing Categories - Multi-State Volume Purchasing - AEPA Coop
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Contact: Melissa Buchanan
Phone: (877) 868-3833 Website:

Shaw Sports Turf

Contact: Jimmy Marshall
Home 1422 Sargent Ave SE Atlanta GA 30316 Phone: (615) 879-0136 Website:

SICO America Inc.

Contact: Dan Reisetter
Phone: (800) 742-6462 Website:
Phone: (800) 500-3161 Website:

The Motz Group

Contact: Zachary Burns
Phone: (513) 533.6452 Website:
Phone: (651) 323-7431 Website:

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