Multi-State Volume Purchasing

AEPA serves public agency members through a continuous effort to explore and solve present and future purchasing needs. State members work to secure multi-state volume purchasing contracts with benefits that are measureable, cost-effective and continuously exceed our state member’s expectations.

We are pleased to offer significant savings on everything it takes to run a school or office.

The contract categories listed below offer the best prices on quality products and services based on the needs of 25 million students across the nation.

Purchasing Categories - Multi-State Volume Purchasing - AEPA Coop
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Phone: (914) 424-3479 Website:
Phone: (800) 245-9540  Website:

Melloy Fleet

Contact: Karen Sluga
Phone: 505-866-3180 Website: Melloy Ford Website: Melloy Chevrolet Website: Melloy Jeep

MeTEOR Education

Contact: Lanie Hart
Phone: (800)-699-7516
Work 770 S 70th St Milwaukee WI 53214 Phone: (414)-615-3684 Phone: (800)-558-1010 Phone: (800)-329-9349 Website:
Phone: (800) 247-BEAM (2326) Website:

Pellegrino Auto Group

Contact: Richard DiRenzo
Phone: 302-500-3956 Website:

Peoria Ford

Contact: Sandra Gonzalez
Phone: 602-635-3124 Website:
Phone: (800)-835-0686 Website: Pitsco Education


Contact: Samra Cejvan
Phone: (847) 876-5451 Website:

RCP Shelters

Contact: Kyle Ritter
Phone: 772-288-3600 Website:
Phone: 646-630-3101 Website:

Romtec, Inc.

Contact: Kris Lamar
Phone: (541)-496-3541 Website:

School Health

Contact: Jennifer Lovell
Phone: (866) 323-5465 Phone: (800) 235-1305 Website: School Health


Contact: Josh Leitz
Phone: 602-770-9152 Website: