To join the Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies, Inc. (AEPA):

  1. Complete the Application for Membership online form. In order to complete this form, you will need student data for the districts you serve.
  2. Complete the Memorandum of Understanding. It must be approved by your governing board and signed by the administrative head of the entity. Upload the completed Memorandum of Understanding to the Application of Membership Form and submit.
  3. Existing members will consider applications for approval.
  4. Only ONE entity within the state may be a representative of AEPA. Each state must develop a plan to determine the representing agency.
  5. States not having an Educational Service Agency, or those needing help in formation, may be assisted by an AEPA member that has a significant presence in that state.
  6. Applicants are strongly urged to be a member of the Association of Educational Service Agencies.
  7. George Wilson, on behalf of AEPA, will notify in writing the agency making application to AEPA of the decision of the members.
  8. If you have any questions regarding membership or AEPA, contact George Wilson at (270) 996-8970 phone, email:, or any other AEPA member listed on the website.
AEPA Member Application
Download the Memorandum of Understanding
  • Introduction

  • Complete the following regarding your relationship to other entities:

  • Complete the following if you provided cooperative purchasing in your state last year:

  • Complete the following requests:

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