Troxell Communications

Contact: Dottie Stewart
Work Phone: (602) 437-7240 Website:


Troxell Communications makes educational technology accessible to everyone. We accelerate the way people learn through the application and use of technology. We not only suggest and provide the necessary audio-visual equipment to achieve your specific goals, but we back up our products with support services to ensure that the technology and training is successful. Our focus is on making technology work for you.

Our goal is to show you how technology can be successfully integrated into curriculum at all levels. Such integration makes learning more interactive, memorable, and engaging for both instructor and students. We are a full-service educational technology company that stays with you through the entire process of implementing the most effective technology to serve your instructional needs. From our initial consultation to final design and implementation, Troxell Communications is there for you.


Bid 2014 –  Bid recommended for approval in December 2013. Contract and extensions possible through March 2018.

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