SICO America Inc.

Contact: Dan Reisetter
Work Phone: (800) 742-6462 Website:


SICO America Inc. and its education division are engaged in the business of selling furniture of various types and other ancillary products to K-12 public schools and other public entities across all 50 United States. 

For over 60 years, SICO has been a leading, worldwide manufacturer of mobile folding products to help public agencies maximize the efficient use of their space. From our full line of mobile folding tables, to our portable folding leg tables and easy to use mobile folding stages, we offer a host of innovative products that offer the same ingenuity and quality that so many of our customers have come to expect from SICO. With such a diverse family of products, SICO can fulfill the needs of any facility. 

Our presence in the global marketplace speaks for itself. SICO has become a global leader of portable product solutions that optimize the use of space. SICO prides itself in delivering products that last the test of time while continuing a strong tradition of providing superior customer service. We are on the high end of quality, while our niche is products which allow spaces to be multi-purpose.




Bid recommended for approval in December 2017.  Contract and extensions possible through March 2022.


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